Zybo Sylvens is a monumental artist by education & at heart. Works in oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, mixed media, digital.
Interested in taming as many visual languages as possible (why not inventing one 😉
Likes open spaces and open-hearted people.
Dreamer & discoverer.


Warning: Keep turpentine out of reach of children

Lifelong painting addiction is inevitable

Zybo Sylvens (Zybo, or Zy, as friends call her) fell in love with painting at the age of 2 or 3, when she scented turpentine oil for the first time (Warning: “Turpentine is dangerous. Keep out of reach of children”).

Nowadays, almost 30 years later, still her contention is that painting, besides being inevitable, is her grand passion. Perhaps that is why together with custom-made works, Zybo also creates artwork, meant never to be sold at any price (though you could always ask).

Zybo sketches herself out as a dreamer and a discoverer. She likes open-hearted people and open spaces.


Look for the Green Eye

It seems Zybo`s principle “#NoFrames” is the basis of her decision to become a mural (monumental) painter.

She prefers to be incognito (“my works speak for themselves”). Though you can easily recognize her by her green eye (the one on her tongue, for the sake of which she will never make a piercing), when you encounter her hitchhiking or taking a walk in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What does “Zybo” mean”, people often ask her.
Gatherer of live coals” according to some ancient mythologies”, her bitter-sweet sage eyes smile.
Whether this is true, though, Zy does not know. Maybe because she loves to question even “indisputable truths.” Especially them.